Saturday, 2 May 2015

We can write- By room 2

This week in Room 2 we have been reading the big book I can write. The book is about a boy who shows us all the places he can write, so we decided we would make a book of the places that we write in our classroom.


  1. Wow I never knew that you could write in all these different ways .Thanks for the tips room 2 you guys are awesome.

  2. Wow amazing work Room 2,
    I love it when you all can write anywhere in your classroom,
    You have done a great job,
    Do you like writing? Because I do.


  3. Hi room 2,

    You guys have big brains for big ideas,
    maybe you can teach me some ways how to write.
    keep this amazing work up!!!


  4. Wow Room 2

    You Guys can write beautiful Room 2
    Out side in ipads and Books.
    I think next time you can try write a new word you don't know and you can learn it heaps of times.

    GOOD Writing Room 2

  5. Hi room 2 i like the way that you were writng outside next time you cut cut out words that you don't know and you can pratice them heaps

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  7. Hi Room 2,
    Those are some great ways to write,maybe I'll write in play dough hopefully if I get some but will never know and also if I did write in play dough I could actually get a 4P from my teacher.Keep up the great work Room 2,I love visiting your blog.
    Maybe you could find more ideas on writing,

    Patosina - Rm 10

  8. Hi Room 2 you guys have done a great job by writing with play dough and in your books.

    Keep up the good work!!

  9. Hi room 2 you are smart because you can write any where

  10. Wow room 2,you guy done a good job and you guy know how to write in different way good job.

  11. Hi room 2

    Wow room 2 I like how you showed that you can writ keep working hared I hope you learn some more from miss Nua

  12. Hi Room 2/

    I like how you put what you use to write and what you can write on next time you could put what you can Write.

  13. HI room 2,
    I like the that you guy's are telling us that where we can write and what can we write on but I don't write I type.I have one question how can you guy's know what can we write one.