Monday, 16 March 2015

Stars of the week!

This week in Room 2 there were 2 stars of the week!
Cheldyn received his star of the week award for always trying his best in everything he does! Isn't that amazing! Well done Cheldyn, you should be very proud of your hard work!
Jah received his award for making great progress in his reading and writing! Since Jah started at school with us he has been working hard and improving so much! Well done Jah, you should also be very proud of yourself!


  1. Hi room 2,
    I like how you put how got the award.
    I like how you put why they got their award.
    How did you improve this things?

  2. Hi Room 2,
    I like the way Cheldyn and Jah smiled when they got their award.
    It was nice to see them smile and how great they were in class or out of school.
    Cheldyn and Jah have you been good this whole year?

  3. Wow
    well done Cheldyn and jah i so amazed that you two got an award and i liked the way that you wrote why you got the award for .
    When i first my award i was so happy and i wrote a story about how i got the award why. did you know that i got award for showing whanaungatanga and tolerance in the play ground and outside of school grounds

  4. hi room 2,
    You might done lots of work to get the certificate that might be hard I am amazed of that. How did you improve these thing you might be brainy.

  5. Hi room 2,
    You must of worked very hard for a certificate, you should be proud of yourself how hard did you work? I think you have been try your best.