Friday, 13 March 2015

Fun Friday in Room 2

On Thursday we wrote about Fun Friday. We have been learning to use the words yesterday, Today and tomorrow in our writing this week. Have a look at our writing about Fun Friday and then some pictures about what we do for Fun Friday in our class.

 Lino worked really hard on his story and kept rereading and editing his work until it was perfect! 

Ocean remembered all his writing goals, and found the words by himself. Look at the cool picture he drew about what he wants to do on Fun Friday. 

Cheldyn was learning to write the word is today. He wrote it all by himself!  

We made a zoo for the animals. By Zion 
Me, Vaka and Zion made a zoo for the animals. By Dane

 I made this because I like playing with it. By Mariah 

 The puzzles pieces were hard to get out, we had to hit them with a stick. By Lino 

 Miss Nua took a photo of our marble run tower. By Chance 

Christine bought her doll in to show us today. 

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